About Artist

Nandini Verma

I cherish my roots to Chhattisgarh - where semi-arid jungles, native tribes, rural rustic villages, industrial suburbs and small towns create a landscape full of colours, culture and life. I have spent most of my childhood in close proximity to wildernesses where I had rare opportunity to experience the nature at its best. My childhood vacations were spent with my grandparents in their villages where the life is immersed in the colours of the rural culture, traditions and mythological symbolisms.

I prefer working with acrylic on stretched canvas and paper as the primary medium. I also experiment with mixed medium and water colours.

Life is a flow. It flows through time. It flows with through places and spaces. It flows through emotions and experiences. Most important of all-it flows through many other lives. Life has ups and downs which are inevitable. It has a natural flow of its own which is asymmetrical and indefinable to conform with. We cannot control everything that comes through our life but we can rejoice different moments if we go by the flow. My work refelcts on this complex and vivid human experience utilizing abstract forms accentuated with figurative motifs.